Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday night

...and the lights are low.

Looking out for a place to go...
@ Mekka the hip, Mayan-themed nightclub in ritzy Borrowdale. 
Interestingly, primary black Africans (and a few Indians) party here. Whites down the block. 

You're in the mood for a dance.  And $3 virgin pina colada.
And when you get the chance... 
Dancing occurs around your table, rather than the dance floor. The music played here is primarily  top 40 US (Kanye, Niki Manaj), South African, and Nigerian. 

Night is young and the music's high. We went to dinner a prior night and found these  musicians in the restaurant.

Apparently, Adele is universal with no color, gender, or limits. Isn't it amazing the way the way the accent vanishes?
It must be due to the wiring differences between singing and speaking, and why aphasics may benefit from Music Intonation Therapy. 

With a bit of rock music, everything's fine.

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