Saturday, 6 April 2013


Made it north ~150 km to Chinhoyi caves.
Rangers attempt to charge us triple "foreign" rate. As everything is a negotiation, our colleagues explain that we are physicians working at Pari. This is highly respected, and we get in for the locals' price. Being a doctor matters!

Upon entry, I spot bright blue beyond a tree and am unsure if that is sky, water, or some reflection. The "sleeping pool" reveals herself as I approach. Perfect quiet, circles radiate outward on the surface with each calcium drip from the stalactites hanging above.

These caves are a diver's paradise because the pools inside are of unknown depth with very clear water. They  are said to lead all the way to Great Zimbabwe (>400 km south of here) and they  must be connected to a larger body of water because it stays 22 C at all times.

On to the next "Dark" cave, which full of various limestone formations and offers an alternate view of the pool (upper right).  In the little nooks of the cave, we found a group  praying, which was peaceful and eerie at the same time. Listen!

After we exit the caves, we return the campground area and have ourselves a brai (BBQ), including corn,  eggplant, and bean salad for vegans.  Thank you MMEDs who financed the entire trip despite being broke! 

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