Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Milton Park B&B aka Home sweet Home

The B&B where I am staying is cared for by a pleasant Shona woman, Jaldine, and gardner/cook/helping hand, Lovemore. Both greet me upon arrival with uninhibited laughter and positivity as they showed me to my room.

It is huge with an attached master bath and plenty of space to store my minimal belongings. I was surprised to see Vanessa, an anesthesia resident with whom I  took the Global Health class, in one of the other rooms.

The house is full of cool art and the property showcases scupltures for sale. They pepper the garden and the pool.

The house itself is gated which maintains security in the relatively safe neighborhood of Milton Park, and a convenient 10 minute walk to the Pari hospital where I will be spending most of my time. Interestingly, Milton Park was once an all white community, but is now more businesses and rentals. Though politics has promoted black ownership of lands and business, I have still found some all white enclaves e.g. certain bars and the national rowing club (go figure).

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