Tuesday, 26 March 2013

En route

I almost missed the flight as I wandered through the small city of the Dubai airport in a maze to get to the gate. The flights to sub-saharan Africa (expect Johannesburg) are stuck in the back of the airport. I had to go up 3 huge flights of stairs, and then down another 3 to get to the bus that took me around the airport to an outdoor staircase up into the plane. I was the last one on! I doubt a US or UK flight would ever require this... Subtle prejudice. We also were sprayed with ?pesticide before departure. 

No where on my ticket was Zambia mentioned, yet the flight stopped here in Lusaka. So much for a "direct" flight. Again with the pesticide before take off. 

Thankfully, I was actually on the correct flight and made it to Harare as the sun set. The air is warm and fresh, negligible humidity, and everyone around is smiling and relaxed.

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